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Client Testimonials
After suffering from irregular periods and difficulty in sleeping throughout the night for several months, I was able to re-evaluate my food choices, and broader lifestyle, in a positive and supported way. These have brought tangible improvements to my health and sense of wellbeing. I learnt a lot and was introduced to loads of new information. I liked that I am able to explore some of the things Shivani suggested and introduced me to in a good amount of detail. Her observations and recommendations were really informed and effective. I think that she paced the consultations, and introduced new things in each session, in just the right way. She had a really good manner that put me at ease and I was able to open up and felt heard and supported.
Anna S.
After having two children and having tried numerous diets over the course of several years, I was introduced to Shivani. From our first consultation, her calm and gentle manner put me at ease and made the process fun. I found her programmes and suggestions both inspiring and motivating. During my weight loss journey with Shivani, I was able to re-evaluate my food and lifestyle choices. Unlike my previous diet attempts, the programmes never felt restrictive and boring. I have a gained vast knowledge in food options and have since maintained them….they have now become a permanent change within our household, even my children have enjoyed the new and exciting foods we have introduced ! Since the beginning of the process I have not only lost 2 stones but also gained huge amount of energy as an added bonus!
Tina C.
I came to Shivani in an attempt to address my overall lack of energy and constant energy dips throughout the day. With my ever-demanding job, the lack of energy was having a huge impact on my professional and social life. Shivani was able to “educate” me on how food and lifestyle factors can have a significant impact on energy. Her manner was always professional, caring and most importantly non-judgmental, making it so easy to open up. With Shivani’s help I was able to address my stress and have so much energy now…I’m even training for a marathon!
Michael R.
Shivani was a pleasure to work with. Replies to my questions were thorough and prompt. She was attentive in helping me understand my issues, and the dietary changes and lifestyle changes she recommended have really helped. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a nutritional therapist.
Ken P.
Shivani Rajdev is a font of knowledge regarding nutrition. She is comprehensive, friendly and accessible. Moreover, she was able to suggest bit size changes to my diet in a way that is sustainable and realistic whilst also achieving results.
Rachael L.
We had Shivani come into our workplace to do a session on Nutrition for our Learning at Work Week. Shivani was brilliant; she did a general talk about nutrition as well as 3 live demonstrations, which we could then taste at the end. Everyone was really surprised with some of the facts and information and we all learnt a lot. We will definitely be inviting Shivani back in the future.
Cannon UK
I have been under Shivani's guidance for over a year now and her nutritional knowledge is absolutely fantastic. As a Fitness professional myself, my nutrition needs to be on point so that I can maintain my energy levels for what I do and continue to give my clients the best service possible. From experience with my clients as well as my own, one of the most overlooked part of people's health issues is what goes into their bodies. Shivani understands the full 'ins and outs' of the effects diet has on the body as well as the mind! I have learned so much from her over the past year which has helped me to help my own clients and more importantly myself. She is without question the best Nutritional Therapist I have come across and she continues to update her knowledge regularly. Most important of all though, she is down to earth and approachable and you can be open with her about anything in full confidence as well as have a laugh with her :). Keep up the good work Shivani!
Grant M.
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