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My story began 10 years ago when I worked in the corporate world for a leading law firm (Human Resources to be precise).

My work with the employees showed me how long working hours had an impact on levels of stress, and also on the food choices that were made as a consequence. The result?  A wide range of other health concerns including low energy, poor digestion and impaired immune function.

In the end, I became one of casualties due to my ever-increasing working hours and lack of attention towards my health, which, spiralled out of control – one problem leading to another. My energy levels were down to zero and my immune function was at it’s worst – every second week I would have a virus!

After having taken countless time off of work to see various specialists and still, no improvement, I decided to take a break from the corporate world and focus on my health and my soon to arrive baby.


The Pivotal Moment

Fast-forward 5 years and 2 kids later, and not only were my energy levels at their highest, but my immune system was at its optimal – no more viruses!

How? The years following my days in the corporate world gave me the much-needed time out to focus and research on nutrition and it’s powerful effects. Replacing old habits with wholesome and nutritious food was a game changer.  It completely turned my life around.

It was at this point that I knew that all I wanted to do in life was to help people through nutrition to get their health back. So, being highly passionate about nutrition and its effect on human physiology, I decided to specialise in this field.



I successfully completed my degree at the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition as a Registered Nutritional Therapist.

Now I use my knowledge and most importantly, up-to-date scientific researches to help people get their health back in check and achieve sustainable and optimal wellbeing.

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Nutrition for me is all aboutbalance without having to cut out food groups.choosing nutrient dense foods to fuel and nourish the body.
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