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Workplace Nutrition Advice

It’s a well known fact that well-balanced, nutritional meals have a positive impact on individual health, mood and energy, and therefore can contribute to overall employee wellbeing. Nutrient dense meals free from processed foods are just one example of nutritional factors, which can have a positive impact on overall mental and physical wellbeing.

A recent study concluded that an improvement in diet had a 10% increase in productivity. Furthermore, it demonstrated the direct link between adopting a holistic approach to improved employee wellbeing. The result?

A significant reduction in both absenteeism and health risk factors.


We provide advice on canteen food preparation and menu planning to ensure maximum nutritional benefit for all employees.

One-to-one consultations offer tailor-made nutrition and lifestyle programmes based on individual health concerns.

These can be arranged as a day of 10-mini consultations for all employees or specific one-to-one consultations for senior members of staff.

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