What is Nutritional Therapy?

We are all completely unique and so it would only be right to address your needs in the same way. The key to success is personalisation.

Nutritional Therapy uses up-to-date scientific research to achieve optimal health, both mentally and physically. This means carrying out detailed analysis on your case (including information on your environment, stress, sleep and exercise) to evaluate  and identify the root biochemical imbalances that may be causing your symptoms.

Why? Because each of us have a very unique biochemical make-up. Handing out an “off the shelf” plan would merely patch up the symptoms temporarily and not result in a long standing resolution.

Our bodies work as a whole. All systems within the body are interconnected – none work in isolation. This means that in combination with personalised biochemistry, all bodily systems (e.g. digestive, neurological, hormonal etc) are taken into consideration in order to address the root imbalances.

In summary, Nutritional Therapy works with both your diet and lifestyle to create a tailor-made programme for you to achieve long term optimal health.

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